London 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies highlights videos go live

If you somehow missed the best bits of the 2012 Olympics opening ceremonies in London, NBC and several friends have begun releasing some rather tiny shreds of video for you to watch over and over and over again right here and now. It all starts with one of the strangest shorts you're ever going to see: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second greeting none other than the most recent James Bond: actor Daniel Craig. Then it's immediately back to the business of massive rings of fire, bell players, and Rocket Men – with of course a dash of tradition thrown in here and there as well.

First have a peek at this extremely short snippet of the Queen and her escort, agent 007. This scene displays the breadth of the influence England has had on the planet, everything from the most serious of business, the Queen herself, to a fictional character so well loved by the planet that he's become essentially real. Of course there is no "real" 007, right? (shhhh)

Next you'll see a video that NBC called "Pandemonium", showing off the rings of fire as they float across the opening ceremonies in a grand display. You'll also get to see some real live emotion from some very proud Brits as they reflect on the significance of the events while the rings connect.

Finally (for now), you'll get to have a glance at the start of the musical portion of the events with none other than Davie Bowie starting things off right with real rocket packing men jamming through the arena. A dash of the greatest band in the history of the world sits afterward as well: Queen from beyond the grave.

Expect a whole lot more as the night pushes on – hopefully a full-on video of the entire night's events before the bigger set of events are done!