Lomo LC-A+ Gold camera debuts in very limited numbers

If you are a big fan of strange and limited edition products Lomo has a new camera for you. We have covered Lomo before when we talked about the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ that turns the camera into something more like those Polaroid cameras back in the day. The new offering from Lomo is a gold camera.

The LC-A+ Gold camera is clad in 24K gold-leaf gilding and brown leather that looks sort of like alligator. The camera will be offered in very limited numbers with only 130 being made. The camera uses a Minitar 1 lens and has automatic exposure.

If you buy one you don't get it in a boring cardboard box, the camera and its accessories come in a wooden crate. Other things included with the camera include an authenticity sheet, two rolls of Lomography 800 film in tins, a "Lomographie" hardcover book, and a few other items. The cameras will sell for £460.

[Via RetroToGo]