Logitech Z10 Speakers

PC speakers used to be something you hid at the back of the desk, perhaps with a subwoofer underneath that could be used as a convenient foot-rest, but Logitech are determined to make them more functional.  Witness the Interactive 2.0 Z10 Speaker System – bi-amped, with a display and dedicated transport controls, they connect to your PC via USB rather than a normal stereo cable so that information from most of the popular media players can be permanently on-show.

Logitech like to sell this media-rich function as time saving and convenient.  Tracks can be monitored and changed without having to navigate away from whatever document or webpage you're working on, and to further tempt the geeky-tweaky fraternity the LCD can also show system information (most likely CPU load, memory status and network activity).  Taking a leaf out of the home stereo book, the Z10s also have four internet radio station preset buttons for easily switching between favoured streams. 

So far, so good; Logitech ticks most of the major boxes as well as some niche ones.  But have they missed a trick with the USB tether?  The rise in wireless media streaming, whether through prosumer systems like the Sonos or more basic offerings from Sling Media and Philips' Streamium, shows a public more and more turned on by cable-free home entertainment.  If Logitech doesn't have a portable version of the Z10 system waiting in the wings or at least on its drawing-board then it's missing a trick.

With a MRSP of $149.99, the Z10 speakers should be available this month.

Logitech Z10 product page [via gizmag]