Logitech updates all Harmony hub remotes to control your smart home

Accessories maker Logitech has rolled out a free software update today for all of its Harmony hub-based products, giving users better control over the number of interconnected devices making up their smart home. The new update allows the Harmony Ultimate Hub, usually used to control various aspects of you home theater setup, to perform the same functions of the Harmony Home Hub, which was launched with smart home features in mind, like adjusting the lights or temperature.

Logitech says that the new software can be used with the Harmony Ultimate, the Harmony Smart Control, and the Harmony Smart Keyboard. Once updated, any of those devices could be used to control your smart home. Use the home theater remote to adjust your Nest thermostat, or the keyboard to turn off the lights in the kitchen.

The update will also give users the ability to schedule start and stop times for Activities. iOS and Android apps are also available to control various Harmony hub functions, and the app IFTTT can used to trigger adjustments with just one tap.

If you're already invested into the Harmony lineup, this update should come in handy. However, if you've only purchased one or two products, or don't have the hub that interconnects everything, then this update can be far from "free."

SOURCE Logitech