Logitech update for Revue Google TV box rolling out now

I was excited when the Logitech Review set top box for Google TV was first announced. At the time it was launched the device could stream all the cool video content that was online, including Hulu making it a very nice offering indeed. Shortly after that launch Hulu blocked Google TV users from being able to stream content for the website and then most of the large TV networks blocked Google TV as well making the device much less useful.

Yesterday Logitech offered up its financials and they showed disappointing sales of Revue units to the tune of only $5 million in profits from Google TV products. The financials also showed that other traditionally profitable products relating to home entertainment were slipping too. Logitech has announced that it is rolling out an update OTA to Revue owners this week and the update started on April 28.

The update was being rolled out in waves so all owners may not have the update applied at this point. The Revue will give the user a message when the update is ready for download to their device. If the Revue is idle after 30 minutes of the message being displayed the update will be applied automatically so it is possible to have the update and not know it. Users can navigate to the About menu to see if the update has been applied. Updated Revue boxes will have a build number that ends in b51795.

[via Logitech]