Logitech unveil Drum and Guitar controllers for Wii and Xbox 360

Logitech have unwrapped their latest wireless music controllers, joining up the dots on a range which now serves PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.  The new Logitech Wireless Drum Controller and Guitar Controller for Nintendo Wii, and Wireless Drum Controller for Xbox 360, are each intended to be used with Guitar Hero.

Like the previous drum controllers, each new kit folds flat for ease of storage.  The Wii version also has a niche to slot in your Wiimote, together with an analog stick for navigating through menus.  Both have a range of 30ft.

As for the guitar controller, that has a real wooden neck, metal pegs and rosewood fingerboard; there's also a touch-sensitive neck slider, and the Wiimote snaps into a compartment on the back.  The two wireless drum controller kits are priced at $229.99, while the new guitar controller for Wii comes in at $199.99.  All are available to buy now.