Logitech Squeezbox Touch in wild; accessories show up on site

Logitech still haven't made the Squeezebox Touch official yet, but unless someone has crafted one out of modelling clay and stuffed a Chumby inside, the touchscreen media streaming device is certainly out there in the wild.  The 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen device promises WiFi b/g, ethernet, USB connectivity and an SD card slot, together with streaming content through Logitech's Squeezebox system, but right now the Touch refuses to do anything other than wait for a software update.

Since Logitech are trying to keep things, well, quiet, their support team are unfortunately unwilling to help getting the streamer set up, so right now it's a shelf ornament.  Ever-optimistic, the early owner has already hooked up their stereo cables; the Squeezebox Touch supports stereo outputs, together with digital and coaxial optical.

It's certainly a handsome thing, in as much as a simple touchscreen device ever can be, so we're looking forward to hearing Logitech 'fess up about its existence.  Considering you can already find spare power adapters and remote controls (for $19.99 each) listed on the company's site, it can't be long now.

[via Engadget]