Logitech Scribe is an AI-powered whiteboard for online meetings and hybrid learning

Logitech has announced a new product created specifically to produce a more equitable meeting experience for remote participants both at work and in the classroom. The product is called Logitech Scribe and is compatible with Microsoft Teams and Zoom with the ability to broadcast whiteboard content into video meetings with clarity. Logitech says that Scribe can virtually transport everyone into the same room.

Scribe has launched at a time when many people are still working remotely, and many students are still learning from home due to the pandemic. Logitech says Scribe will make brainstorming, teaching, and team meetings equally accessible and productive for all using a simple design. Enhanced integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms makes conducting teaching lessons and meetings easier than in the past.

In-room meeting participants can share whiteboard content into video meetings by pressing the wireless button included with Scribe or tapping a meeting room touch controller. Logitech's wireless button works with Zoom Rooms currently with support for Teams Rooms landing later this year. The system also functions as a USB content camera with most videoconferencing applications.

Scribe is a dedicated whiteboard camera able to capture dry erase surfaces up to six feet by four feet in size, providing a view of the whiteboard content in real-time. Leveraging the integrated artificial intelligence capabilities, Scribe can render the presenter transparent, allowing remote users to see the whiteboard without any interference.

The system also enhances the color of the markers so content is easier to read and can detect other non-digital content such as Post-its notes. Logitech Scribe is available now in select markets, starting at $1199. It's currently compatible with Teams Rooms on Windows and Zoom Rooms, with compatibility for Zoom Rooms Appliances coming after launch.