Logitech Revue gets unofficial Honeycomb Android update

I've never been the sort that was willing to risk running one of my gadgets applying unofficial software and updates. I tend to make do with what OS my gear is running until the official update finally comes out. If you are the sort that likes to apply beta software and unofficial updates to your gadgets and use a Logitech Revue set-top box you may like the unofficial update.

The geeks at GTVHackers have built an unofficial Honeycomb Android OS upgrade specifically for the Revue. The upgrade can be downloaded right now. There is a catch though, the update could ruin your device and you might not be able to revert to the official OS. The update is a beta offering and is not ready for the general public.

TechCrunch applied the unofficial update and says that not much changed. The media player reportedly supports more formats and the update does apparently break Netflix. Netflix is one of the star features of the box so that might be a deal breaker for some folks. The update does allow the installation of apps from the Android Market though so Angry Birds might offset the loss of Netflix a bit.

[via Android Community]