Logitech Revue Accessories Feature TV Cam and Mini Keyboard, Plus More

Evan Selleck - Oct 6, 2010
Logitech Revue Accessories Feature TV Cam and Mini Keyboard, Plus More

Logitech is still holding their unveil event, and while the Logitech Revue has already been outed, it looks like the accessories department didn’t get the short end of the stick. While the majority of work may have gone into the Revue set-top box itself, there’s no denying that Logitech put a major push into the accessories department, too. From webcams to applications, they’ve got future owners covered.

The most notable accessory is the TV Cam, which is a webcam you’ll put right next, or on top, of your TV. With it, you’ll be able to take part in video conferencing sessions. Not only will it work with other Google TV owners, but it will also work with PC and Mac owners that have the appropriate software installed, which will be released by Logitech. The camera will cost you a cool $149.99.

The $129.99 Logitech Revue mini-controller puts the efforts of your Internet-surfing-self into a smaller form factor. Much like the standard keyboard that comes in the full retail box of the Revue unit, you’ll be able to use it to change channels, and surf the Internet seamlessly. As for the applications that will be available for Android-based handsets, as well as the iPhone, they will be free, and will let you control your Google TV set-top box as well. And, as we’ve outlined in the past, the full box will run you $299.99, when it launches later this year. (We’re still waiting on an exact date.) So, stay tuned as the details are still coming in.

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