Logitech Pen released with classroom Chromebooks in mind

Google's Chromebooks have developed a strong foothold in the education sector. The balance of affordability, support for web apps, Android apps and Google Classroom has made a compelling value proposition for many schools. There are also an increasing number of Chromebooks that offer touchscreen support in the form of convertible laptops and 2-in-1 devices. In many cases, this also means support for styluses which typically aren't bundled with the device to help keep costs down.

Logitech is looking to tap into this opportunity with the launch of the Logitech Pen, a rechargeable stylus for USI-enabled Chromebooks. For those unfamiliar with what USI is, it stands for the Universal Stylus Initiative which a good number of major manufacturers have started supporting in recent years. USI-compliant styluses will work across any device that supports the standard, regardless of operating system or brand, although the Logitech Pen has been targeted specifically at educational use with compatible Chromebooks.

Kid-friendly and classroom-ready

Most styluses are designed with adult use in mind. Logitech says that it developed the Logitech Pen with students in real-life classroom situations. It took on board feedback from educators along with ergonomics specialists to make the shape, size and weight so that hands of all sizes and levels of motor skill development could be accommodated.

The Pen also features a soft, non-slip grip that helps to ensure both comfort and control. The active Pen tip supports up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity that allows students to create lines or characters more easily than with a rubber tip stylus or finger.

Logitech says that it has also endowed the Logitech Pen with "military-grade" drop protection and has designed it so that it will withstand liquid spills too. Ease of use is also ensured with instant pairing while the pen can also be recharged using the same USB-C charger supplied with a Chromebook. In fact, just a 30 second charge will deliver 30 minutes of use while a full charge will last around 15 days of regular school use.

The Logitech Pen is optimized for use with Chromebooks from Lenovo, Acer, HP, Asus and Samsung. It is retailing for $65 and will be available through Logitech Education resellers in the U.S. and select global markets.