Logitech outs new Ultimate Ears 500, 350, 200, 500vi, and 200vi headsets

Logitech has announced the addition of several new sets of earbuds to its Ultimate Ears line. I have used quite a few Ultimate ears headsets over the years and they generally sound very good and offer great bass. The new additions to the line include the Ultimate Ears 500 (pictured), 350, 200, 500vi, and 200vi.

The UE 500 model headphones are the high-end offering of the new additions with a small design made to sit flush with the ears and a no-tangle cord. The 350 earphones are tuned for extra bass for fans of bass heavy music and are made from a sweat resistant material for people who like to wear them when they workout.

The 200 earphones are offered in pink, black, or blue colors and are made for comfort even for users with smaller ears. The 500vi and 200vi headsets are the same as the 200 and 500 with the addition of a mic for voice call compatibility with the iPhone and other smartphones. Pricing for the headphones is $29.99 for the 200, $49.99 for the 350, and $69.99 for the 500. The 200vi headset is $39.99 and the 500vi headset is $79.99 with availability for all of them set for next month.