Logitech outs Easy-Switch Keyboard for Mac/iPad/iPhone trio and BT Trackpad

Logitech has revealed a pair of new peripherals, the Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard and Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac, each working with Apple's Mac and iOS ranges. The Easy-Switch Keyboard can pair with up to three devices simultaneously, with a button to flick between them, so that you can swiftly jump from typing on your iMac, iPhone, and then iPad; plus, there's backlit keys, just like you'd find on a MacBook.

The keyboard adjusts its illumination depending on ambient light, though there are also manual adjustment keys – F5 and F6, just as on a MacBook – for tweaking it yourself. A motion sensor turns the backlighting on or off, depending on whether your hands are nearby.

Logitech claims battery life of up to 10 days, though that's based on two hours of typing per day. The battery charges up via USB – taking around 3hrs in the process – and will hold its charge for up to a year.

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard demo:

As for the Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac, it's a third-party alternative to Apple's own Magic Trackpad, with a multitouch-capable surface apparently larger than what you'll find on most MacBooks. It tracks all the usual swipes and gestures, has a glass top layer for smooth response, and features the same mechanical click as Apple's own version.

Logitech doesn't mention battery life, but it's another case of recharging via USB and you can continue to use the trackpad even while it's rejuicing. Connection is via Bluetooth, as you'd expect.

The Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard is up for preorder now, priced at $99.99. As for the Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac, that's available to buy now, priced at $69.99.

Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac demo: