Logitech MX Air Mouse Videos

I'll tell you that one of the coolest investments I made was in a keyboard/mouse combo set from Gyration. If you've never seen one, they're really cool. The wireless keyboard is pretty normal, but the mouse is what always turns a few heads. You can use it by just waving it in the air, think of something like a Wiimote, but only a mouse. Apparently Logitech caught wind of this and decided that they wanted to get in on some of that action. Behold, the Logitech MX Air Mouse


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It has some cool features like gesture controls which allow you to do things like change the volume just by flicking your wrist. They have also removed the scroll wheel in favor of using a touch sensitive strip.

While the MX Air Mouse may have a sleeker look about it, I'm not sure that I would want to do any real amount of in-air mousing with this little guy. It appears to be shaped just like an ordinary mouse, which would not be fun to use for a long period. It also has several buttons that I think would get in the way when gripping it. I'd have to hold one for myself to be sure, but for $150, I think I'll keep my old Gyration.

Logitech takes it to Gyration with its new Air Mouse [via crave]