Logitech Harmony remotes discontinued: What users need to know

Logitech has announced the discontinuation of its Harmony remotes, though it says that existing users don't need to worry. The company plans to continue supporting its remotes and to sell off its existing inventory. Rather, this change is an end to the manufacturing of these products, meaning you'll need to look elsewhere when it's time to upgrade to a new device.

The decision to discontinue its Harmony remotes was posted on Logitech's support website recently, where the company said, "We expect no impact to our customers by this announcement." Logitech says it will continue the service for its existing Logitech remotes, including ones purchased by new customers as the inventory sells out.

Logitech Harmony remote owners can expect continued support for the remotes, including access to apps and software for setting up and managing the remotes. Beyond that, the company claims it will "continue to update the platform" and will add new devices to the database for the universal remote products. Likewise, the warranty on Harmony devices will remain.

The company stresses that it will maintain support for the Harmony remotes "as long as customers are using it," including updates to the companion mobile apps and desktop software. Likewise, the Harmony remotes support website will remain live here.

If you want to return a newly purchased Harmony remote in light of this decision, you'll have to return it to the store from which it was purchased, with Logitech noting that it isn't offering any sort of return program — because, as it notes repeatedly, nothing about the end of manufacturing will impact new and existing customers.