Logitech G Pro X gaming headset goes wireless with Lightspeed tech

Around this time last year, Logitech G released the Pro X gaming headset, which was notable in part because it tapped into Blue's microphone tech (Logitech purchased Blue back in 2017). Fast forward to today and the Pro X headset is back, only this time it's bringing an important new feature with it: Lightspeed, which has long been at the center of many of Logitech's wireless gaming peripherals.

That, of course, means that the Pro X is going wireless for this iteration. Lightspeed, as many Logitech G users know, allows for lower latency connections in Logitech's gaming mice and some of its keyboards, and in the Pro X, it'll provide a "pro-grade" 2.4GHz wireless connection that has a range of around 42 feet. The company also says that the headset will last for around 20 hours on a full charge.

Like last year's wired model, the Pro X Wireless uses Blue VO!CE software. The software allows users to set a number of different filters without getting into sound engineering weeds too much, but those who want to can also tap into advanced features such as a compressor, de-esser, de-popper, and noise gate. The wireless model uses the same Pro-G 50mm drivers that are found in the wired model, which Logitech says are capable enough to give competitive gamers an edge (particularly in games like shooters where the location of your enemies is important).

Essentially, it sounds like the Pro X Wireless headset is more or less the same as the wired headset we saw last year in terms of sound capability, build, and voice features. The key difference is the Lightspeed implementation, which while maybe not as necessary as it is on something like a wireless keyboard or mouse, should still provide some advantages over using a standard Bluetooth connection.

With Lightspeed tech present, the cost of the Pro X Wireless is a fair bit more than its wired counterpart. While the wired version runs $129.99, Logitech G has priced the wireless model at $199.99. The headset is available today from Logitech's website.