Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad available for pre-order

Logitech is huge in the peripheral and accessory market for computers and tablets among the things. The company unveiled a new speaker specifically designed for the iPad not long ago called the Tablet Speaker. Logitech is back with another new accessory specifically for the iPad 2. The new accessory is called the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard and it also has a case to protect your tablet and props the tablet up for easier viewing.

The coolest part about the new case is that the keyboard isn't limited in size to the relatively little space available directly under the iPad 2. The keyboard is a full size offering that folds up to hide under the tablet. That allows the Fold-Up keyboard to be no larger than the iPad 2 when not needed and then be big enough for easy typing.

The keyboard connects to the iPad 2 via Bluetooth and runs on an internal battery. The keyboard automatically wakes when it is unfolded making it ready to use automatically. When you fold the keyboard, it turns off and charging is done via USB. Logitech says that the keyboard will fit onto the iPad 2 with the Smartcover in use. You can pre-order the Fold-Up Keyboard right now for $129.99.