Logitech debuts new video conferencing solutions for Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, many businesses have been forced to rethink how they operate on a daily basis. Meetings in years past that would've been performed in person are now performed using video conferencing solutions like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Logitech has unveiled new videoconferencing equipment, including appliances and PC-based solutions meant to work with leading video conferencing services, including Teams and Zoom.

The Logitech Rally Bar is built specifically for mid-size rooms, with the Logitech Rally Bar Mini aimed at small rooms. Both devices promise cinema-quality video along with crisp and clear audio using an all-in-one design. For large meeting rooms, the Logitech RoomMate is a computing appliance allowing customers to run video conferencing services using Logitech conference cameras like the Rally Plus without needing a computer.

Supported video conferencing applications run natively on the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini. Supported applications include Microsoft Teams and Zoom, but the devices can also be connected via USB to a PC or Mac. When connected to a computer, users can run whatever video service they want. Logitech notes that its hardware supports other popular video conferencing services, including GoTo, Pexip, and RingCentral.

Logitech offers secondary cameras for its video bars and dedicated AI room analytics. Audio is also extendable using Rally Mic Pods, providing scalable solutions for businesses needing video conferencing. The Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini feature resolutions up to 4K and utilize 5x optical zoom with lossless image quality.

The bars also use ultralow distortion speakers for crystal clear audio from anywhere in the room. The microphone array uses adaptive beamforming technology and focuses on the active talker while auto-leveling louder and softer voices and suppressing unwanted noise. The Rally Bar is priced at $3999 for starters, with the Rally Bar Mini priced $2999. Logitech RoomMate started at $999. Rally Bar will be available at the end of the current quarter, with the Mini and RoomMate launching later.