Logitech Comfort Wave promises natural typing with no learning curve

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 26, 2007

I used to have an ergonomic keyboard that I typed on for years. It always felt more comfortable to type on than your average keyboard, however, I had two issues with it. The first was that any time someone else used my computer, they complained that my keyboard was hard to type on. The second was that whenever I used a PC with a regular keyboard, it took some time to adjust. Logitech has released a new kind of ergonomic keyboard that promises to eliminate these issues.

The new Logitech Comfort Wave uses a U-shaped constant curve and contoured palm rest to achieve a higher level of comfort while typing. Their logic behind this new keyboard is that your fingers are all different lengths, so the curve is there to match the length of each finger. This allows your hands, and fingers to rest in a more natural position. It is still a gentle curve, and the keys are a consistent size, so it shouldn’t be an issue for someone to sit down at one of these and start typing away without a problem.

I’ve heard keyboard manufacturers promise similar things in the past, so I can’t guarantee that everyone can just sit down with one of these and type like a pro. However, it does look like it would be very comfortable to type on. You can pick up a wired version for $49.99 or a wireless for $89.99 which also comes with a wireless mouse.

[via press release]

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