Logitec Bluetooth Earphones Necklace

Christina Crouch - Jan 25, 2008

I feel I don’t say this often enough, I love Logitec gadgets. They never fail me and are usually reasonably priced. The LBT-HP210C2BK is a long name for Bluetooth earphones but they look relatively wearable without coming off like a complete nerd, which is always good.

These LBT… can control any Bluetooth device, has a Bluetooth radio and it supports 3D sound. It is actually a necklace with earphones attached but for the sake of male readers we’ll say its neck-wearable earphones.

No word on pricing or availability but I’ll stand by my earlier words and say I bet it’s going to be reasonable. I hope I’m right because I’ve recently come into the market for a new pair of earphones as mine keep disappearing.

[via akihabara news]

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