Logitech acquires Saitek, maker of simulation game controllers

Logitech has acquired Saitek, maker of simulation game controls. The Saitek website already sports the Logitech logo (the acquisition was made public on Thursday); while Saitek hasn't issued any statements about the business move, Logitech says it is excited with "a whole list of reasons." What are those reasons? Logitech says that Saitek's products are "just great," giving simulation gaming fans the kind of controllers they need for an immersive experience.

According to Logitech, another reason it is exciting about the acquisition is that it represents a larger push into the area of simulation game peripherals. Though Logitech has already offered gaming wheels for driving simulation games, the Saitek acquisition marks a big uptick in the number of simulation game controllers it offers, as well as the variety.

Saitek's product lines boast game controllers for faming, flight, and space simulations, some of which are pretty sophisticated and, at least judging by user reviews, a favorite amongst many gamers. According to Logitech, it plans to 'further integrate' these new lines into its Logitech G portfolio; it says it will be making some future announcements about this in due time.

While simulation games have been popular for a long time, they'll be entering a whole new realm of existence thanks to virtual reality. We'll probably see such niche peripherals become more popular as more gamers pick up VR systems and want more realistic controllers to complement the already immersive VR gameplay.

SOURCE: Logitech Blog