Logic3 launch budget all-in-one Surround Sound speaker bar

While six years ago it was the height of fashion to fill your entertainment room with speakers – it marked you out as a true audiophile, natch – it looks like we've swung the other way.  Now, if your woofers and tweeters aren't embedded into one great long block you're not allowed to hang out with the cool cats.  Yes, you could splash out $1k+ on something like Denon's DHT-FS3, or you could waddle along to Logic3 and pick up their 150W TX101B SoundStage 5.1 for a mere £249.99 ($499).

Fifteen speakers – including thirteen drivers and two subs - lurk within the piano-black casing, while two optical, two coaxial and analogue RCA inputs should give you plenty of options to hook up your plasma or LCD TV.  A built-in FM radio adds some standalone entertainment, but I wouldn't buy it solely for that!

SRS 3D "faux" surround sound won't give as good an effect as that aforementioned room full of speakers, but it should do a good job of mimicking it, and Logic3 promise that they've tweaked it so as to enlarge the listening sweet-spot so that more than one person can enjoy it. 

It's available now.

Logic3 [via ShinyShiny]