Logic3 i-Station Concert iPod Speaker Dock

James Allan Brady - Oct 11, 2007

Isn’t it funny that in all of the movies, whenever the concert stage just drops out of nowhere for comedic effect, it always has speaker that are like nine billion feet tall? Well that seems to be the effect Logic3 was going for with this iPod dock, its nearly double the height of a standard iPod and has 4 drivers on each side.

They claim that the grand total of 8 aluminum drivers are required to produce the high fidelity sound this thing supposedly does. There does appear to be a cool feature of a small LCD that displays the current song title, I could be wrong though.

There is even a square subwoofer behind the iPod dock. You can power this behemoth by either AC power or 6 AA batteries, but if I had to guess, that battery power wont last long with 8 drivers, a subwoofer, an iPod, and an LCD all drawing power. Its available now for $180, and if it sounds good, it might be worth it.

iPod speakers of dressing-room mirror? [via crave]

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