Livid Instruments Block MIDI controller looks monome-awesome

Chris Davies - Jul 1, 2010
Livid Instruments Block MIDI controller looks monome-awesome

Sadly our music creation skills aren’t up to much here at SlashGear, but we do like a good controller surface.  Livid Instruments’ new Block controller is a great example: 64 monome-style assignable clip buttons surrounded by faders, knobs and function keys in a minimalist housing, it’s the ideal way to interact with whatever PC or Mac based music app you may be using.

In fact, the Block is a smaller sibling to Livid’s existing Ohm series of controllers, which are larger and more button/knob/controller-encrusted.  The company also does a range of custom controllers, where buyers can choose the various finishes of the hardware, and sells the individual parts so that real DIYers can make their own.

Block hooks up via USB and has bi-directional MIDI support so that the various lights and controls can react to whatever the software is doing.  The Livid Instruments Block is available now, priced at $399; meanwhile the Ohm64 is $599.

[via xlr8r]

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