LiveLens Adapter Gives Micro Four Thirds Shooters Aperture Control

I have a DSLR camera and I am not at all qualified to use the thing for quality shots. I bought it mostly for the much faster shutter so I could actually get photos of fast action without only ending up with an arm or elbow in the shot. The new micro four thirds cameras are pretty cool and a lot of people are moving to them now that there are lots of options.

The catch for Canon micro four thirds camera users is that even if they had a lens on with aperture control, the aperture settings didn't work. The lenses need power to make the aperture function. If you are, a user that is in this boat the new LiveLens adapter will bring your aperture control back. The adapter snaps on the front of your camera and you can mount the lenses directly to it.

You can then control the aperture using a little screen on the adapter. The downside is that you lose your automatic focus capability. The adapter is for video shooters where you are using manual focus so that loss isn't such a big deal. The adapter is expensive at $488 but if you have a bunch of lenses you want to use this may be the best route to go.

[via Wired]