Live from the GM Collections Event

It's a well-kept secret that we bloggers are taking over the world. More people are turning to blogs for information on all kinds of products. I'm not just talking about consumer electronics, there are blogs about everything imaginable. The great thing about bloggers is that they are real people, they aren't going to skew the facts because they feel pressure from their publisher. Some companies are finally starting to really take notice of this trend. One such company is GM.

The people at GM have flown Vincent and myself out to Detroit Michigan and put us up in a fancy hotel. We don't generally focus on cars too much, so it was a bit of a surprise to get the invitation. We quickly found out over dinner that GM has realized that if they want to get their message out to consumers, they need to tap the blogging world.

(Yes, that's me without my hat, I do take it off sometimes)

I really have to commend GM for this move. They invited people from a very diverse group of blogs including car enthusiasts, parent blogs, tech blogs and environmentally conscious blogs. They also didn't try to feed us some facts and tell us to write it. Rather, they sat us down and talked about their focus on fuel efficiency and let us ask all the questions we wanted. In the end, they told us that they knew we were going to go out and write whatever we felt, good or bad. Of course, that's just what we're going to do.

Tomorrow Vincent and I will be heading out to GM's Proving Grounds to check out their latest automotive offerings. Check back for pictures and videos from our trip.