Live Beacon aims to be the simplest iBeacon device

A new product dubbed Live Beacon aims to be the simplest iBeacon device out there, making it easy for places like retail stores and museums to connect visitors with promotions or information via their smartphone. Those with a Live Beacon can update what it transmits via the cloud; those with the Live Beacon app, meanwhile, will get a notification when they get within 100ft or so of the device. That notification will take the visitors to an app, website, or video, depending on how the owner set it up.

The Live Beacon device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and it can be stuck to a surface like a wall or door. The device is powered by a battery and broadcasts up to 100ft (30 meters) from its location. Assuming you have either the Android or iOS Live Beacon app installed on your phone, you'll hear a notification when you come close to one of these beacons.

The company behind the device gives a bunch of examples of how it can be used; one can, for example, use it in a store or restaurant to give visitors loyalty perks; it can be used in a museum for self-guided tours; cities can use the beacons to transmit information to visitors; it can also be an easy way to direct someone to a specific website, maybe a sign-up page or digital guestbook.

Live Beacon is currently being funded through Kickstarter, where the team has raised about a third of their goal with a month remaining. A single super early bird unit costs about $37 USD, and will include the trimmings like an adhesive pad for sticking it to surfaces. The team anticipates shipping its devices to backers this upcoming January.