littleBits Avengers Inventor Kit Lets Kids Create Their Own Super Gauntlet

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Last year, littleBits launched its very awesome Droid Inventor Kit. The kit aimed to get kids interested in STEAM fields by allowing them to create and code their own astromech droid from Star Wars. Giving kids the ability to build and customize their own R2D2 while at the same introducing them to STEAM concepts was certainly a cool idea, and today, littleBits is back with a new Inventor Kit – this time with a Marvel spin.

Instead of tasking kids with creating a droid, littleBits' new Inventor Kit instead wants them to become superheroes. More specifically, the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit gives kids a customizable super gauntlet that, on the surface at least, looks very similar to one that Iron Man would wear. Children aren't only limited to pretending to be Iron Man, however, as the accompanying littleBits app will ask them to choose from a variety of heroes and determine which powers the gauntlet houses.

The core premise is still the same: kids will be able to customize their gauntlet with littleBits' building blocks, creating circuits and coding those devices with the help of the mobile app. The app also features challenges kids can complete to test out the "abilities" of their gauntlets. There are 18 activities in all, and they're centered around "light, speed, stealth, sound, coding, and unique hero identity."

In the box, you'll find the gauntlet itself, along with nine Bits, seven hero gear parts, and two sticker sheets, which allow for more customization. The Marvel heroes kids will be able to choose from include Iron Man (of course), The Hulk, Black Widow, Shuri, and Black Panther. Each of those heroes has a guided training course in the mobile app, which will walk kids through constructing and coding their gauntlet.

All in all, it sounds like a cool little toy, especially if it can get kids interested in STEAM while letting them pretend they're a superhero. The Avengers Hero Inventor Kit is available now from the littleBits website and from Amazon, with a price tag that clocks in at $149.99. We'll see it launch on August 24, 2018, which is the same day the companion app goes live.

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