Listen to this mysterious Lamborghini roar

Lamborghini is hard at work on its next V12 hypercar that is destined to destroy the race track. So far, Lamborghini is being mysterious about the vehicle offering only glimpses at a camo-clad vehicle that has all the grates, wings, and spats that you expect in a flamboyant Lamborghini hypercar. Lamborghini has offered up a video of the car in testing.

While we aren't sure that the Lamborghini Squadra Corse creation will have a V12 engine, it certainly sounds like a big V12 engine to our ears. The ride is a tie-up between the Lamborghini's in-house design center known as Centro Stile and the racing division Squadra Corse.

The car is expected to be exclusively for the racetrack with plenty of vents, wings, and scoops for downforce and cooling. Lots of carbon fiber is expected to keep the weight down. While we can't see inside the car in this video, one shot shows an open door that appears to have a lightweight and very minimalist style.

Other tidbits about the car include a subframe made from aluminum and self-locking-type differential that helps to improve drivability as the vehicle approaches limits. The ride will roll on center-locking wheels wearing sticky Pirelli tires. Some rumors suggest the car may be Aventador-based, and the size and scissor-style door suggest that.

Full details of the car are expected in the coming months with the reveal set to take place in the summer. That's assuming that the coronavirus pandemic doesn't delay the release. We also know that the car will be a limited-addition model, and it's a certainty that they will all be sold out before it's even revealed. The video is short and worth a watch just to hear the engine roar. It sounds like an old F1 car.