Liquid Robotics unveils Wave Glider SV3 ocean robot

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 9, 2013
Liquid Robotics unveils Wave Glider SV3 ocean robot

Liquid Robotics has introduced its Wave Glider SV3, which is touted as the first unmmaned ocean hybrid wave unmanned ocean robot that is solar-propelled. Because the ocean robot is unmanned, it can be sent out to areas that would be too tricky to send individuals, whether due to position or weather or some other factor. Because of the way the robot is powered, it can be used without stop for thousands of miles.

Liquid Robotics is hailing the Wave Glider SV3 as a technology that will help in the scientific research of climate change, ocean conditions, and more. The robot is capable of taking on harsh conditions, including hurricanes and cyclones, doldrums, and high currents, to name a few. As the name indicates, this latest edition builds upon the previous Wave Glider SV2.

The Wave Glider SV3 offers on-board processing, offering a way to collect and process data that wasn’t previously available. The ocean robot has a hybrid propulsion system composed of both solar and wave-powered energy generation, as well as an adaptable modular power system that can handle energy-intensive resources, such as running sonar. No word on how much this beast will cost you.

Liquid Robotics CEO Bill Gliders said: “The SV3 is a tremendous step forward in terms of what we can accomplish in the ocean and gives customers a competitive advantage to capture data in the most challenging ocean conditions. By providing the ability to deploy Wave Gliders across most of the planet and deliver ocean data in a new and cost-effective way, we’re enabling broad access to affordable ocean exploration.”

[via Liquidr]

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