Liquid Image announces model 312 wide angle videomask

I'm not a scuba diver but I have been snorkeling and can appreciate the appeal of diving in clear water of the Caribbean and other places around the world. Those of you who are divers probably have wished you could share some of what you see with those of us who don't dive. Liquid Image has a line of scuba masks that let you take pictures and shoot video under water.

The company has announced a new mask called model 312. The mask lets wearers shoot wide angle video and take still shots at depths of up to 65 feet. Video is recorded at a resolution of 720 x 480 at 30 fps. The mask can also take 5MP still shots.

Storage of video and images is to 16MB of NAND flash and a microSD card slot accepts cards up to 16GB for additional storage. Power comes from a pair of AAA batteries good for 2.2 hours of video. The Wide Angle Videomask will sell for $200.