Liquid Death Sells Tony Hawk Blood-Infused Skateboard

The folks at Liquid Death have made a deal with skateboarder Tony Hawk in order to acquire his blood. The blood- the literal, actual blood from his body – was added to the ink for a limited run of skateboard decks. Don't worry though! The blood was sanitized before it was added to the ink (the red ink, obviously) that was then used to screen-print the decks in Southern California.

Below you'll see what appears to be the proof that Tony Hawk worked with Liquid Death to promote their water brand and remove the blood from the skateboarder's arm. The decks made after taking the blood from Tony Hawk feature artwork depicting a muscular barbarian sort of creature with eyes on its chest and a bloody axe. The axe seems to have cut off a Tony Hawk skull head, its own head appearing as a can of Liquid Death.

A whopping 10% of the profits for this limited set of skateboard decks went to two charitable groups. One was The Skateboard Project (building skateparks in underserved communities), the other is 5 Gyres: Science to Solutions (helping kill plastic pollution in oceans around the world.)

One hundred of these limited edition decks were put up for sale for approximately $500 apiece. "I take pride," said Tony Hawk, "in knowing that organizations fighting plastic pollution and creating skate parks worldwide will be supported through our efforts."

Liquid Death is a canned-water company that sources water from the Austrian Alps. Cans contain either standard purified water or sparkling water. One of the major aims of the company is to replace plastic bottles of water with aluminum cans, as plastic isn't profitable enough to recycle anymore (by anyone, in our world), while aluminum is very, very recycle-friendly indeed.