Linksys - You will be missed

[Update] It's always a sad day when a brand that we've grown to know and love meets its tragic end. This usually happens when a company is acquired by another, then after a period of transition, the name is dropped. Some names like Compaq have stuck around for some time. Linksys, however, is not so lucky.

If you weren't aware, Linksys was actually purchased by Cisco back in 2003. Cisco has kept the brand name around this long because the US market has been more familiar with the Linksys name than Cisco's. However, they no longer feel that it is necessary to continue making products under two different names.

The same Linksys products that we're familiar with will likely still be around, only they will be labeled with a newly redesigned Cisco logo. No word when they plan to make the changeover.

Cisco kills off Linksys [via theinquirer]