Linksys leaks existence of Vista-friendly Media Center Extenders

It never fails to surprise me how many companies can't seem to manage updating their sites to schedule – either you have a recently launched product missing from the pages altogether, or something new "accidentally" goes live before the PR department would like it to.  Today Linksys are the careless ones, putting teaser details of their Vista-compatible 808.11n Media Center Extenders online then whipping them down again.


Details are scant, but it's fair to predict that the wireless-n is there to handle the demands of HD media and that the DMA-2200's DVD player is likely to upscale normal discs to flatter your HDTV screen. 

With the inclusion of Media Center in many versions of Vista there are likely quite a few users out there who have no idea that their PCs will actually function as a capable PVR.  Even those who do know, however, might not want a noisy, perhaps ugly box sat next to their TV, so the DMA-2100 and DMA-2200 extender units may be a godsend.

Look for them to launch in November 2007, with prices announced closer to the time.

Linksys teaser page (currently down) [via eHomeUpgrade]