Linksys iPhone… worth buying?

Staff Editor - Jan 1, 2007, 2:06 am CDT
Linksys iPhone… worth buying?

After Brian Lam let it slip that an “iPhone” would be revealed on December 18th of last year (yeah, 2006), the product was released under the Linksys brand. Though it doesn’t play music, the iPhone from Linksys might actually be what I need.

These days, people are paying high prices for traditional phone service (including me), so I got interested in Skype and their “$15 for unlimited outgoing calls a year” plan. I then remembered how I could take Skype on the road, but only if I had a Skype phone that connected via Wi-Fi. This research of mine was ironically conducted a day before the iPhone was announced, and I found that there weren’t too many Wi-Fi Skype phones.

When the iPhone was released I became excited. Maybe I will end up buying the iPhone, maybe not. But if there is one point I am trying to make in this post, it is that VoIP is continuing to grow, and in the future we will see a growth of Wi-Fi Skype phones.

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