Linkedin will be revamping their 'Jobs' page

Linkedin will be revamping its job search engine to help its users find the jobs or careers of their dreams a whole lot easier. Their redesigned job search engine adds a bunch of new features that make it easier to search for the jobs that people both want and qualify for. There will be a whole new look and feel for their job search engine as well as more tools to help you search for the specific jobs that match the qualities you're interested in.

The first major feature being added is what Linkedin calls the 'first degree connection'. The Linkedin job search engine will show you companies where you know someone who can get you through the front doors. This is similar to the mutual friends system on Facebook, except these people will be your ticket to getting a new career.

Another feature being added is the ability to filter your job search by country, zip code, industry, and function. This advanced search feature will help you pinpoint careers that more specifically addresses your needs. You can also now view the latest job postings within your saved searches. There will be a new notification that will let you know when new job opportunities show up matching the criterias you listed before. There will be "Save Job" button that will let you keep track of your favorite job postings. And finally, there will be easier access to jobs that match your interest based on the information you place in your Linkedin profile.

For those with a subscription to Linkedin Job Seeker Premium, you will have a feature in the advanced search engine that will allow you to look up jobs that match the salary requirements you want. There will also be tips that appear during your job search to help you utilize Linkedin to its highest potential. All of these new features, as well as the redesign of the job search engine, will be rolled out to everyone within the next few weeks.

[via Linkedin]