LinkedIn rolls out redesigned apps touted for the “everyday professional”

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 18, 2013
LinkedIn rolls out redesigned apps touted for the “everyday professional”

LinkedIn has seen relatively large growth since its launch, and in addition, says that those who use its mobile apps have changed over the last year. Such a change has prompted it to completely redesign its mobile apps, tailoring them for everyday professionals that span a variety of positions. The changes are said to give users easier access to the things they want, including richer content.

The first obvious change users will see is the new design, which is a complete overhaul over the previous design, bringing with it some substantial changes. The stream looks quite a bit similar to what you get when using Facebook’s mobile app, with updates and conversations in a status-like row. Users can like and comment on a post via the stream, rather than going to the content for interaction.

The new stream brings with it content that is even more tailored to the specific user via a new navigation page, which is revealed by swiping the main screen to the right. The navigation page can be personalized the way you want it, making it ideal for your needs and how you use the device. And finally, the updated apps add more support for users who are located outside of the US.

Over time, the number of users who utilize LinkedIn has shifted, with the majority (64-percent) being located somewhere other than the US. Because of this, the redesign has been done in such a way that it is more generalized towards all professionals and how they would use the app in an everday way. Support for more languages has also been implemented, including Norwegian and Dutch for the iPhone and Android apps, as well as Turkish for the Android app.

[via LinkedIn]

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