LinkedIn Password Hacking confirmed

Earlier today it was reported that there was very possibly a leak of passwords in a massive hack attack on the networking site known as LinkedIn – that report has been verified now by LinkedIn officially. This confirmation comes from the Director of LinkedIn, Vicente Silveira, who noted that the company does indeed correspond directly with LinkedIn accounts and that they are currently pursuing steps that will lead to better understanding the event.

Silveria also sent out a set of steps he encouraged LinkedIn members to follow as soon as possible. While not every single LinkedIn member was included in the hack and leak earlier today, it has been made clear that every member should be aware of the following three points:

1. Members that have accounts associated with the compromised passwords will notice that their LinkedIn account password is no longer valid.

2. These members will also receive an email from LinkedIn with instructions on how to reset their passwords. There will not be any links in these emails. For security reasons, you should never change your password on any website by following a link in an email.

3. These affected members will receive a second email from our Customer Support team providing a bit more context on this situation and why they are being asked to change their passwords.

This information, again, comes straight from LinkedIn where they're letting the world know that they are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused by the hacker attack this week and that changing your password on a regular basis should be a part of your everyday life no matter what. Keep yourselves safe, folks!

[via LinkedIn]