LinkedIn mobile app is getting voice messaging feature

Job-focused social network LinkedIn has just announced an odd new feature for its mobile apps: the ability to send voice messages. As in make a recording of yourself talking and sending it to someone. In other words, it's just like voicemail, one of the most hated things among mobile users. Other than the few people who really like using LinkedIn, it's a safe bet almost no one is looking forward to this.

The feature work like this: users can record a voice message up to one-minute long by simply tapping and holding the microphone icon on the app's keyboard. Releasing the button automatically sends the recording, or it can be canceled by sliding away from the icon. Voice messaging is being added to both the iOS and Android app, however it's being rolled out gradually to all users.

Despite the widespread hatred for voicemail, LinkedIn believes there are still a few good reasons for using voice messaging. Namely that it's easier to send a message with voice than by typing when away from the computer. Plus, since it's faster to speak than type, the social network says that voice messages are "great for explaining longer or more complex ideas without the time and involvement of typing and editing."

Right. LinkedIn might just be completely unaware of how many unsolicited messages its users receive. The idea of adding voice messages to this problem is likely to only annoy most people, even if "speaking in your own voice allows you to build a more personal connection and effectively communicate."