Lindy Electronics puts mirrors on a couple of weird devices

James Allan Brady - Nov 27, 2007

Let me clarify, the devices themselves are not weird, they are just weird locations for a mirror. One is a 57-in-one card reader; the other is a 4 port USB hub.

I reckon if Pride is your cardinal sin of choice, then you might as well use your technology to make sure you are looking your best. Apparently when given the design objectives of “compact” the engineers took it the wrong way and went towards the make-up accessory; thankfully they left the powder out though.

Why on earth you would actually check your reflection in a card reader or USB hub is beyond me, but if you absolutely must have one or both of these, they are £14.99 for the card reader and £9.99 for the USB hub. On a side note, when looking up the 7 cardinal sins to make sure I hit the right one, I found that Envy, the sixth one, has a Latin spelling of invidia, look like the name of a certain graphics card manufacturer’s name to anyone else?

Lindy offers peripherals with vanity mirrors [via Pocket-Lint]

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