Lincoln becomes the Lincoln Motor Company

In an effort to distance itself and stand independent, Lincoln has been re-branded as the Lincoln Motor Company. Of course, Lincoln is a division of Ford, and all of its vehicles are thinly-disguised Fords. This will make it difficult to set the division apart, yet the change is no small matter, and gives Lincoln the edge it needs to prove it is its own unique brand.

Lincoln was founded by Henry Leland in 1920; he sold it to Ford after a couple years. Before it was sold, however, it was known as the Lincoln Ford Company. The division aims at the high-end of the market, offering cars that are supposed to outshine anything Ford offers. By changing its name, the Lincoln Motor Company hopes to be viewed as a source of luxury vehicles all on its lonesome.

This name change comes alongside the company's plan to launch a new luxury vehicle, the MKZ sedan. The sedan is priced at a hefty $35,925, which climbs higher as you configure it to meet your specifications. Says the company, this is the first of several refreshed or new Lincoln vehicles that will be available over the next two years.

The MKZ features a push button transmission, panoramic glass roof, a split-wing grill, as well as a wider and longer body. Back in the early 1990s, Lincoln was a best-selling luxury brand in the United States. This popularity declined as Ford amassed additional luxury brands, including Volvo, while at the same time neglecing Lincoln. Sales numbers are low, with only 69,000 Lincoln vehicles having been sold in the US this year.

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