Limited Edition RC Porsche Cayenne with onboard Camera

Rue Liu - Dec 8, 2006

Remote controlled toys seem to top some holiday gift lists this season. So, another such toy to watch out for is this limited edition miniature Porsche Cayenne with an on-board camera. So even if you’re not too stoked about the Cayenne, at least you’ll derive some perverse joy driving this thing into the uncharted territories of the ladies room.

The camera is capable of shooting at 129,000 pixels while the car cruises around. The images are transmited to the 2.2-inch LCD on the remote controller. The model car also features sturdy suspension good for traversing rough terrain, headlights that light-up, and two speed settings. Priced under $200 with a 3-year warranty, this roadster will be available starting December 20 at

Tchibo sells limited-edition Porsche Cayenne model with on-board camera [Via: Pocket-lint]

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