Lightmare watch is true to its namesake

James Allan Brady - Feb 1, 2008

It really is a light up nightmare to read. Almost as bad as some of the Tokyo Flash watches, I think their needs to be a board that certifies these watches with difficulty levels based on how hard they are to read.

So there are two concentric circles of LED, those are the hours and minute markings, every 5 minutes, with the inner circle being the hours. Then there is a bar of LEDs to indicate which minute, within the five minute markings, it is, oh, and there is also an AM indicator light.

Nothing is numbered, so if you are having an off day, you’ll have to count every single one of those dots. Its waterproof for up to 150 feet and has a stainless steel casing, the price is still a bit too high though at £99 or about $200.

[via shinyshiny]

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