Lightbox life-logging camera offers live streaming video

A new life-recording camera is making its way to the market: the Lightbox. This camera is small in size, equipped with a clip that allows it to attach to clothing or other items, and offering Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Using the combination, one can livestream their life.

Lightbox is the brainchild of CA7CH, featuring an 8-megapixel sensor, Bluetooth and WiFi Direct connectivity, a -35dB microphone, Sapphire lens, a waterproof body, and a magnetic clip for easy attachment to various items like bag straps.

The device can record HD video or snap images while you go about your life, working in conjunction with your smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi to upload content to the cloud. The content can be auto-shared or saved for private review. As mentioned, videos can also be live streamed using the CA7CH app.

Lightbox has been funded through Kickstarter, where it blew through its $80,000 goal in less than a day. The campaign currently sits at $118,637 USD with 29 days to go and 750 backers. A pledge of $119 is the minimum needed to get the camera.

SOURCE: Lightbox