Light by Moore's Cloud is a color changing light cube

Lately there've been a number of LED lights turn up seeking funding to come to market on various crowd-sourced funding sites that allow users to customize the color of the light. Two of the most recent we have talked about have been LED light bulbs that are screwed into normal light sockets. Today another LED color changing light has turned up, but this one isn't a bulb.

The device is called the Light by Moore's Cloud, and it's a small cube filled with 52 different LEDs. The multiple colored LEDs inside the cube allow users to choose from any combination of up to 2 million colors. Users can change the color of the light using an app for smartphones and tablets.

One of the more interesting features of this little cube is that it has integrated Wi-Fi and runs Linux allowing the light to be accessed from anywhere in the world to change the light color. The light can also be color matched to anything you can take a photo of using a smartphone camera.

The developers of the project say that the Light can talk to other devices, including other Lights and pretty much anything else on the Internet thanks to its open software platform. One interesting possibility that opens is being able to touch one Light in your home and have others throughout the house light up as well. Light can also generate animations such as candles, flames, fireworks, or rainbows. A pledge of $99 will get you your own Light. The project is seeking $700,000 and has raised $159,757 with 34 days to go.