Life-Size Lego Car Is Powered By Air And Can Go 17 Mph

I'm sure that I am not the only geek who built a lot of Lego cars growing up and wished I could actually climb behind the wheel of my vehicular constructs and take a ride around the neighborhood. I honestly never thought it was possible to do so, but a Lego builders in Romania has made that childhood dream a reality.

A builder names Raul Oaida built a full-scale Lego car that is able to drive him around the neighborhood. The car is not fast with a top speed of around 17mph, but it can carry a driver on a short cruise. Oaida started the project to build an actual driving car in April of 2012 with help from a partner named Steve Sammartino who helped raise money to build the car.

Sammartino reportedly raised "tens of thousands of dollars" to fund the project. The car project is called the Super Awesome Micro Project and took 20 months to complete from conceptualization and design to the final driving vehicle. The car project took over 500,000 Lego bricks.

The vehicle does use some structural parts including wheels and tires along with gauges and other items. The engine powering the car uses four orbital engines with 256 pistons running on compressed air. There has to be some structural elements in the frame to hold all the parts together, but none are mentioned.