Life-size Lego bus stop makes public transportation fun

Nate Swanner - Jun 20, 2014
Life-size Lego bus stop makes public transportation fun

Remember when you were a child (or last night… leave us alone, we like Lego here at SlashGear, alright?), and you’d make little cities out of Lego bricks? Houses, buildings, cars, even a bus stop or two. You’d imagine you were the Lego character, and wander around aimlessly. In London, you can live a small part of that dream.

A fully functioning Lego bus stop has been erected in Regent Street, right in front of a — wait for it — toy store. The stop is made entirely of Lego, save for the route maps, which were affixed with spray adhesive. Seats, walls, even the windows; all Lego. Built by Trueform, who make street furniture like benches, the structure took 100,000 bricks before it was done.

The post noting which stop you’re at is also made entirely of Lego. The notations of where streets are from the bus stop? All inlaid Lego brick. From a distance, you might not even know it were Lego, but get up close and it all makes sense.

I’m supposed to tell you the bus stop is in celebration of 200 years of London buses, and their rich history and all that stuff. The problem is, it’s Lego, and I can’t even think of adult stuff when Lego is involved. I really just want to see if a double-decker couch fits in a double-decker bus, now.

Via: Gizmodo

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