Life-size Android bot actually runs Android

We like Android around these parts and the OS is finding its way into all sorts of gadgets and gizmos outside the smartphone where it was first aimed. If you are a big Android fan, you will get a kick out of this project that makes the green mascot real.

The designer came up with a cute little green Android mascot that is life-size and can move around. The mascot is the little green Android logo we are all familiar with. The robot is called RIC Android and it reminds me a bit of R2D2 in size. A couple of Japanese firms teamed up to create the robot.

The firms are RT Corp, a custom robot dev house in Japan, and Brilliant Service, an Android software development firm. RT Corp handled the mechanics of the build with Brilliant Service handling the software aspects of the project. Check out a video of the thing below during the build and in action.