Lian Li’s cooling chassis for Xbox 360

Emily Price - Aug 14, 2008
Lian Li’s cooling chassis for Xbox 360

If you’ve run into trouble with your Xbox 360 overheating, then the PC-XBO1 chassis from Lian Li may be a great solution for you. The chassis was specifically designed for the X360 and promises to keep your system cool.

The $150 chassis has a 120mm fan to constantly cool your system and promises “silent, vibration-free” gaming as well as keeping your system cool. Putting your Xbox 360 in the chassis will undoubtedly take a little effort, so it’s not a great solution for people who aren’t tech savvy.

Have any of you had overheating issues with your Xbox 360’s? Is a $150 option really worth it, or would you rather be without your system for a while to send it back to Microsoft?

The Lian Li chassis is currently shipping worldwide.

Press Release

Lian Li launches PC-XB01: the Xbox 360® Chassis replacement
Lian Li shows Microsoft how it’s done!

14 August 2008, Keelung, Taiwan – Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd will launch the PC-XB01 chassis for the Xbox 360 today. The XB01 is a chassis replacement for the XBox 360 chassis, which alleviates heating issues from hot components and reduces noise from vibrating optical drives in the original case design. The PC-XB01 requires DIY knowledge for the transfer of components, but once completed, heat will no longer be a factor in dampening your XBox 360 gaming experience.

Lian Li is an executive upper-class aluminum PC chassis manufacturer, well renowned as the ultimate brand for modding and stylish designs. Those same attributes are incorporated in the PC-XB01. Including an all-aluminum black hair-line brushed anodized chassis . The case has the traditional filed edges to reduce sharp corners, as well as folded and handcrafted aspects synonymous with Lian Li’s superior quality and high safety standards.

The PC-XB01 is 160 x 250 x 415mm (W, D, H), giving lots of space for copious cool airflow. The 120mm (1500RPM) rear fan draws off the heat from inside the case effectively and silently, while the ODD region is encased in stylized foam to reduce noise experienced from spinning disks in standard units.

All the Xbox 360 ports are hidden behind stylish dust covers and the ODD bay also has a spring loaded dust cover for aesthetic appeal and convenience. The unit can be placed horizontally, or vertically, depending on your needs, and the water cooling pipe holes are an option to use should you be inclined to do so. The case is designed to fit the entire Xbox 360 internals similar to the original, with the power transformer attaching from the outside.

The Lian Li PC-XB01 is t he perfect complement to the Xbox 360 to alleviate heating issues. The stylish exterior gives your product a sense of class and will fit in with almost any living room environment. Microsoft Inc is very strict on warranties, so it should be noted that you will not be able to return your product if you use the Lian Li PC-XB01 alternative. With that being said, you are less likely to have overheating.

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