LG's huge curved OLED concepts wrap the virtual around you

LG will showcase a wide variety of new OLED displays and solutions at CES 2022. The company says that the new solutions are "innovative" and will open new doors for how you enjoy content on your OLED displays. ´╗┐Based on a press release shared earlier this month, LG Display plans to showcase a new "Virtual Ride" and "Media Chair" display at CES 2022. The two new products feature flexible OLED screens, and LG says that they show off the "versatility of OLED to create new markets."

The first solution, which LG calls "Virtual Ride" features three vertical 55-inch OLED screens displayed in front of and directly above the user. The displays form a large, r-shaped, curved display. The three screens together will provide an immersive view both above and in front of the user, LG says, bending together to create a ceiling or sky above the rider. When in use, the "Virtual Ride" will immerse the rider into a forest or other outdoor environment while they cycle.

The radius of the curvature on the display reaches up to 500R, or around 500mm (19.6in). LG says the radius is the highest among existing large displays, and that it illustrates the display's "superior flexibility" compared to other OLED screens out there.

LG will show off a new media recliner with a built-in TV

The second new OLED system that LG wants to show off is called "Media Chair", and it's pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The display is a sleek chair design that includes a 55-inch OLED TV display propped in front of a recliner. The screen includes a 1,500R curvature radius, providing what LG calls an "optimal angle for the user"

LG has also included a built-in sound system called Cinematic Sound OLED, or CSO for short. The system will allow the chair to vibrate with the sound of external speakers, which should immerse the watcher in the audio from whatever they are watching. Additionally, it includes a pivot function that lets the screen switch between horizontal and vertical orientations.

This is accomplished by touching a button on the chair's armrest. LG says the display "boasts tens of millions of self-emitting pixels", which should remove the need for a backlight in the TV set. The company also says that it wants to offer excellent display quality in various bendable, foldable, or rollable screen options in the future.

Alongside the new display solutions, LG also plans to show off several new OLED displays, as well as high-end LCD displays it says are designed specifically for the IT industry.

On top of offering new ways for people to make use of OLED displays, LG is also working on improving the brightness and overall quality of its displays. It recently announced the OLED EX, which is a new OLED display that offers up to 30% brighter screens than previous OLED displays it offered.

LG made its displays brighter by utilizing deuterium compounds and specialized algorithms. This let the company increase the stability of the displays, as well as the overall efficiency of how it delivers organic light to the viewer. The algorithms in question allow for the display to specialize how it displays content for the viewer. It can then use that personalization to learn better viewing patterns and even predict how it should make use of the millions of light-emitting diodes within the displays.

With the new OLED solutions it's pushing, as well as the now brighter and more personalized displays, LG is trying to find innovative ways to offer high-end experiences for consumers purchasing their new OLED televisions.